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Car hire at International Airport of Phoenix at cheap price and best deals from Naniko

Phoenix is one of the essential places in the US and among of those which had the greatest development in recent decades. It has a typical desert climate, and with little precipitation, the winter is warm enough and very hot summer season.

To overcome the problem of the hot climate in the center and suburbs were created numerous water parks. Among them are Great Surf in Tempe and Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa. Also, there are parks that are intended to preserve the original desert landscape, such as, South Mountain Park and Papago Park, in the Desert Botanical Gardens and the city zoo.

To travel freely across the expanses of Arizona can be no doubt in the existence of a car rental in Phoenix.

Immediately after landing, and passing the necessary formalities at the airport in Phoenix, you can drive the city in a few minutes by a car rented by Naniko.

  • Small car is an ideal for short trips around town or for short distances

Rent a small dimensions auto for maximum economy and greater maneuverability in the city and small urban centers – car renting in Phoenix.

  • Medium-sized cars, for a truly comfortable travel.

Rent a car in Phoenix – Suitable for urban movements, and for longer trips that require more comfort.

  • Bigger cars for those who love elegance and luxury
  • For admirers of the most exclusive and elegant travel appropriate the big cars.
  • And for the convenience of the family trip also recommended minivans with a capacity of up to 9 seats.

The best possibility to see the sights and surroundings of Phoenix, always hire a car from Naniko.

The city's airport is located just five kilometers east of the center and proudly referred to as the most friendly airport of America. Prior to Phoenix Sky Harbor is easily accessible from Papago or Hohokam.

This is one of the largest hubs in the US and here serves about 40 million passengers per year. Its special feature is that the three runways are parallel to each other, in connection with the wind direction in Phoenix.

There are three subway lines 13, 14 and 40, which stop at the station of Washington on 44th street. Further, free shuttle buses from the station provide to the terminals.

At the airport territory is provided a convenient parking, having the same hourly rate of $ 4.00, while the maximum daily rates vary according to each location. Short-term parking near terminals have a maximum daily rate of $ 25.00, while the east and west parking cost is $ 9.00