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Car rental at the Airport of Tallahassee from the best rent a car company Naniko

Tallahassee offers many great places for tourists, and it's much easier to see when you move with own vehicle. The main attractions for most visitors – Bradford Lake, Hiawatha, grass Lake and Cascade Lake. For more variety and fun parks of Lake Jackson and Archaeological State Park are recommended.
In addition, a very interesting church of New Hope, Sabal Palm Baptist Church and the Temple of Enon

Upon arrival at the airport in Tallahassee, or in advance you can rent a car.

Car rental at the airport in Tallahassee There are obvious advantages of pre-order. Firstly you are guaranteed that provided by vehicle immediately upon arrival and for the whole journey, and secondly on the site you can find special offers and get the service cheaper. It is also convenient that all the documentation on the lease will have been prepared for your arrival.

Rent a car at the airport in TallahasseeAmong a number of categories of vehicles of our fleet, you can choose one with right shape, size and many other parameters:

  • Gasoline or diesel fuel
  • With a manual transmission and automatic
  • Ranging from compact hatchbacks and to large machines with a capacity of 7 – 9 seats.
  • Mini category, with air conditioning and two doors, have enough space for two adults and two children, but not much space for luggage.
  • For family fun, a good idea to take a comfortable sedan that is convenient and economical

You can see much possible with an auto rented from Naniko starting from Tallahassee Airport!

Tallahassee Regional Airport is a small airport hub, covering the area of 2743 ha and is located approximately seven miles southwest of the city's business district.

As in any other airport, here are pretty strictly enforced safety regulations and customs clearance. All metal parts and accessories should be removed from the pockets and notebooks from the case during the passage of the X-ray examination. As well as outerwear and footwear are subject to review through the machine.

Fluid rrestrictions during flight at a maximum of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters of the liquid in the respective package. When transporting larger amounts of fluid must declare for inspection at the checkpoint. Free fluid in large quantities may include medicines, baby foods in reasonable quantities. Liquids, aerosols and gels, registered in baggage must be properly packaged.  

While in the airport baggage must always be under the supervision of the traveler. Otherwise, luggage left unattended can be considered a security threat.