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Car hire in Milan, at the Orio al Serio airoport- from Naniko

Rent a car – it's a wise decision in terms of cost and the possibility of just in half an hour, without delay, to be in Milan. But also its strategic location gives you the possibility to select destinations on the route to the alpine zone.

Company Naniko awaits you at the airport of Milan, to offer the excellent services for car rental.

  • What are the rules on the deposit amount?

Deposit bond can be left as through the credit card, as well as by cash, according the contract. When you bring back an auto at final term of you lease in the original condition, the deposit will be returned to the customer consistently.

  • Will the car exactly the model of how to order?

Some rental agencies can guarantee only the class and category of your order accordingly. Since Naniko is an independent company and has its own extensive fleet, always able to provide that kind of a specific model that you confirmed when booking.

  • What are the rules relating to the content in the fuel tank?

As a rule, we offer customers a choice of 3 options:

  • Full / full, this implies that you get the car with a full tank and have to return the same full. Otherwise, the corresponding amount will be charged from the deposit amount.
  • Full / Empty, means that you will have the opportunity to purchase a full tank of fuel when you take a car and returned with an empty tank.
  • Half / Half, intends the vehicle should be refunded with the same level of gasoline, which was from beginning. In this case, there is no compensation for unused fuel.

Car hire by Naniko from the airport of Milan – Orio al Serio , provides you the freedom to select the direction!   

Orio al Serio Airport, has been used for civil purposes from 1970, and acquired the status of primacy only in 2003, when Ryanair chose it as a reference airport. If at first the airport served only charter and some domestic flights, low cost flights discovery meant that from now you can get to all major European cities. In fact – this is the first Italian airport of low cost flights.

  • Distance from airport to the center of Bergamo – 5 Km.
  • From the terminal to the Milan central station – about 45 km.
  • Passenger traffic from 2008 – about 6.5 million.



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