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Car hire in Stamford, from world known company Naniko

A visit to this wonderful city of America, in the State of Connecticut is a great idea. Like all American cities, Stamford is well-equipped to navigate the roads in the car, the streets are spacious and well equipped. Furthermore, the fuel in the US is quite cheap, and therefore auto is an excellent choice for travel.

Save your budget with the help of low cost car rental from Naniko in Stamford.

To quickly find the best option among the many different offers at affordable tariffs, use the search engine of Specifying your criteria and the data on the screen will appear the most suitable options.


It only remains, arriving at the site, just get your car and begin the journey on selected routes.

When renting a car from various agencies need to be attentive to the many details. For example, most agencies are encouraged, and sometimes insist on buying insurance for an additional fee per day, which greatly increases the price.

  • From Naniko you get the price with already included car insurance and you will not need to worry about additional fees.

Sometimes the agency unless your request of the vehicle dimensions and standards that you want to rent, trying to convince you to agree to the bigger model and more expensive.

  • If the compact car is satisfactory for your trip, we will offer you precisely that one, and in the case of the proposed alternatives the rental price will always conform to your standards and you do not have to overpay.

Reaching the city center on board of your car, you’ll be amazed at the wide horizon, creating a background of the city. Highest skyscrapers with evocative and modern structures seems that touch the sky over the city. But you also find yourself in such areas, where you can see the low houses with perfectly manicured gardens.
While walking around the city, your attention will be attracted with a small shops where you can find a truly original stuff, and restaurants where you can sample delicacies from around the world.

The combination of sea coast and urban style creates a very romantic atmosphere. Stanford has one of the most picturesque functioning harbors, where in addition to the spectacular views, gourmet restaurants serves fresh seafood.

For dinner, you can treat yourself to the best barbecue in true American style by the restaurant Q BBQ, and enjoy gourmet hot sauce barbecue that is a real riot of flavors!

Easy and simple, you can explore the area on Stamford on your vehicle rented from Naniko.

Having traveled along the scenic coast with breathtaking views, you will reach cities such as Greenwich, Danen, Norwalk or cosmopolitan Bridgeport, from where in just half an hour will be in New York.