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Car Hire from Naniko, the best choice at the airport Charleston

Whether you are traveling for a few days or for a longer vacation in the Airport of Charleston, in any case, the best you to avoid the stress of travel by public transport, by renting a car. So as not to wander in the network among the many proposals, simplify your task by offering the best that you could wish for.

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First of all, it means freedom and flexibility during your trip.
Moving by train or bus is always associated with a mass of conventions and, depending on their time schedule. Moving on your car, you can be free to spontaneous stops where you will attract.

You do not have to worry about a number of kilometers that you drive by rented car with us. We offer unlimited mileage, so you are free to inquire able to explore the city or even the country.

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  • Rent a luxury sedan or sports convertible for a few days – is your taste for the good life!

The international airport is located 16 km north-west of Charleston, South Carolina.
Accessible bus itineraries from the airport towards the city and transfer, departing every 15 minutes.

At the airport, with the main entrance to the terminal for the youngest passengers that are difficult to relax and wait for their flight, there is a children’s area with numerous entertainment and toys.

The passenger terminal, which is used for domestic and international flights, is organized in three levels and has 10 gates.
Here, travelers are provided with a variety of services and the possibility of enjoyable minutes or hours of waiting. In the boutique souvenir titled Discover Charleston, you can buy a lot of interesting and attractive things in memory of a pleasant trip. There is also a bookshop Hudson News and store of toys Kids.

During your stay in the passenger terminal, you can satisfy your hunger in the three existing restaurants or spend time at the snack bar for a glass of beer or a cup of coffee.

At the airport territory there is a parking provided for more than 3,600 vehicles by the hour, day payment or for a period of a long time.
There are also private parking, where the first half hour of stop is free.