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Car hire in South Carolina from international car rental company Naniko

South Carolina is amongst the southerb states of the US, where there is an abundance of tropical beaches and port cities, where the friendly and warm people bustling in shopping malls and on the streets.

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Consisting of 46 counties, with the capital of Columbia, South Carolina bordered on the north by North Carolina, in the south-west by Georgia, and on the east washed by Atlantic Ocean.
The territory is mostly flat with small reliefs in the interior areas. The main source of income here is the cultivation of cotton and tobacco.
Also the industrial sector is dominated by cotton industry, chemical, food and tobacco processing.

In South Carolina, you can visit historical sites, battlefields of the war for independence from Great Britain and of the American Civil War period.

In modern cities there are concert halls with high-tech equipment for music, such as Koger Center in Columbia and the Peace Center in Greenville. Nightlife is very lively thanks to the many places of entertainment.

The state is very popular for major sporting events, including competitions in golf, tennis, football and baseball.

This is also an ideal place for a summer vacation. South Carolina has a presence of dozens of kilometers of coastline with sandy beaches of the ocean.


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