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Airport Paris Charles- de – Gaulle, or also known as Roissy named after the French city, located on the 25th kilometer from Paris. This is the first French airport and it takes half the territory of Roissy and is also named in honor of General Charles de Gaulle.

Together with the other two Paris airports it is managed by airport community of Paris.

In 1964 it was decided to opening of the airport "Paris Nord" a large area of about twenty kilometers north-east of Paris. This area had many advantages. For the liberation of the territory for new construction demolition had to be subjected to a minimum of buildings, and the zone had also given the possibility of further extensions. After ten years of efforts, the building was completed in 1974.

The number of passengers according to 2011 was about 60 million, making it the second largest in Europe after London airport Heathrow.

Airport provides jobs for 85,000 workers.

There are 3 terminals interconnected by a free bus. The airport has easy connections to Paris and other cities of France. Every 15 minutes a shuttle parts to the center of Paris. Near the airport, there are several hotels.

Bars and restaurants are not evenly distributed: most of them are located in Terminal 2, while in the terminal 3, only two bars and fast food restaurants.

A large number of shops pleases passengers who need to spend time waiting for their flight. There are also 8 rooms equipped for conferences. There is a first-aid station in each terminal, as well as ATMs, banks and bureau ofexchange.