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Car rental from Naniko at best price and best conditions at the Airport Haifa

Freedom and flexibility while traveling – that's invaluable benefits of having your vehicle. Do not depend on the schedule of public transport, traffic and delays, to be completely free to choose the place where to stay and when to go. Is not this one of the prerequisites for a successful holiday!

So choose from efficient and economical car hire from Naniko at the airport of Haifa.

Car rental at Airport Haifa – Some information on the subject:

  • What is the cancellation or modify policy an order?

If you for some reason changed your plans and want to cancel or modificate anything in your order – date, car model, etc. – At least should be informed 48 hours before the start of the contract. In this case, you do not run the risk of any financial losses.

  • Can I return the car before the expiration of the contract?

Yes, this is possible, but the payment for unused days will not be refunded.

  • Will there be an extra charge if returned cars outside of working hours: early morning or late at night?

Some rental companies charge extra for this, but the policy of Naniko – to be available to our customers 24 hours a day. Any additional charges will be specified in your lease agreement.

  • Can I rent a vehicle for another person?

Yeah, maybe, but please specify the main driver of car at the time of reservation and his data.

  • What is necessary to have at the time of pick up?

Be sure to have available the confirmation of your reservation, driving license, passport and credit card in the name of the main driver.

Learn Haifa and its surroundings on rented car  from Naniko at the airport of Haifa.


Airport of Haifa, W. Michaeli

This is one of the airports in Israel, which is in the north-eastern part of the city, within walking distance from the port yards. The airport mainly serves civilian flights, and occasionally used for military purposes. The main flow of passenger traffic at the destination within the country: in Tel Aviv, Eilat.

Also performed and international flights, in most cases of short trunk: Cyprus, Turkey and Jordan. The airport is named after Uri Michaeli, one of the original founders of the Israeli Air Force. The only runway of airport asphalted and its length is 1318 meters.


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