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Car Rental Naniko – low cost – Rent a car at the airport of Milan Linate

Want to explore the Lombardy? Relax and enjoy a comfortable trip? The ideal way to achieve this goal will be to provide you by the best service of car hire.

Movements in any city of Lombardy and other regions from Milan Linate Airport.

Auto rental by Naniko opens the way to any destination.

What you need to know.

  • Is there additional services or accessories?

When booking, you can request to have the necessary accessories that are not included in the standard car. For example, seats for children of all ages, a luggage cart, fastener for ski and bike or GPS. Option is always available upon request and is paid on the spot.

  • What type of insurance is provided by a lease car?

Casco auto insurance is available, including CDW (insurance coverage for damage to the vehicle), or LDW (reduction of liability), as well as in case of theft or burglary.

  • Does getting and return the car is obligatory to any particular place?

At the time of booking you can request delivery of the car in the right place for you. And as in the case of return, you need to specify the address and our representative will take it where you want.

  • Is it necessary the presence of international driving license?

If the license is not in the Latin alphabet, and you are traveling in Europe, it is strongly recommended that you use an international driving license. Please also make sure that the terms of your document is valid for the entire period of booking.

Car Rental Naniko provides you by the great start from Milan Linate Airport towards further exploring of region.

Milan Linate Airport, named after Enrico Forlanini, characterized by a wide range of domestic and international flights of short and medium-range distances.

It is just 7 km from the center of Milan, provides a variety of services, practical and comfortable. Easily reachable by public and private transport.

Maps, news, rules of the airport, and all that is important to know, offered to the passengers at the airport, which ensures freedom of movement and awareness.

  • Shops and restaurants

Discover the pleasure of shopping in Milan Linate. Shops, restaurants, bars and points of duty free, in which you can even get lost, buy or just look at the world, to pass the time waiting, immersed in a delightful town of shopping!