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Car Rental in Arizona from Naniko with the best deals and price for car hire

Federal US state of Arizona, known for its Grand Canyon scenery and incredible colors, from the golden sands of the desert and to the red rocks, green forests and large parks, under intense blue sky.

Arriving in Arizona, most tourists prefer to rent a car in Arizona to continue its way to beautiful places, such as Monument Valley, which is part of the reserve Navajo.

Company Naniko offers you hire a car in Arizona in all major cities and airports of the state.

Here you can select an appropriate for your style of travel auto, among a large spectrum of vehicle fleet: from passenger cars and to vans, convertibles with automatic or manual transmission.

Car rental in Arizona – Our fleet consists of a variety of models, all of excellent technical condition and equipped with accessories to ensure maximum safety and comfort:

  • Anti-lock braking system – ABS
  • Central locking
  • Airbag
  • Power windows
  • Air conditioning / climate control
  • Player Stereo CD

Arizona is placed in the south-western part of United States and is bordered on all four sides with New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California Mexico, and a small part of Colorado.

The capital city is Phoenix, with a populace of over 1,320,000 people. Other important cities Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona and near Kayenta Navajo, the largest Indian reserve of USA.

Arizona, of course, is known not only for its cities, but also the amazing natural resources: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelley, Glen Canyon, Painted Desert and much more.

In Arizona is a special climate or, one might say, there is more than one type of climate. The ideal time for travel from September to October or April and May. On the border with California the weather is very hot and sunny and there's never no rain.

In areas close to the Grand Canyon and surrounding forests in autumn and spring moderately warm day and very cold at night.

National Park Grand Canyon is one of the most impressive creations of Mother Nature. It is hundreds of kilometers of ravines, which are the most striking example of fluvial erosion. The park covers an area of over 4931 square kilometers, while the canyon itself is 446 km, with the depth of 1600 m and a width of 29 km.

After parking your car rented from Naniko, you get the opportunity to come as close as possible to the south side of Arizona and see a really incredible sight.

Car renting in Arizona – Neither pictures nor words cannot describe what a person experiences at the sight of this miracle! You will be amazed. In the park there is a choice of different excursions. You can ride the Quad in the forest, or explore all the vertices from a helicopter tour or go down to the bottom of the gorge, along the brinks of the Colorado River.