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Car rental in Armenia: Naniko Rent A Car

Lets drive through the Armenia’s way together with the cars of "Naniko"

Armenia – a country with a great past.
Roots of national culture of this country takes us to the depths of the past.
The country is located in the Caucasus, between East and West, and so it is the interest sphere for the whole world.
Armenia is one of the first that adopted Christianity. Religion influenced on the character of music, architecture and art. Important role in the history of the development of Armenian culture played creation of the Armenian alphabet by Mesrop Mashtots and national written in 405.

car rental Armenia from naniko rent a car

The country is rich in cultural monuments.
Aystan – Karastan – as Armenians call Armenia – their homeland – a country of rocks. Its mountain landscape has influenced on the features of its architecture. Khachkars – stone steles with carved images of the cross. People who create these sculptures, each Khachkars embodies the spirit of the Armenian people and all the theology of the Armenian Christian church. The oldest Khachkar dates from VII century.
The spirit of the Armenian people expires from the weaving, pottery, jewelry, carpet weaving and the masterpieces of gold and silver.
To come to this magnificent country and look at it is very interesting. To travel around the country by car is certainly more comfortable.
The company Naniko rent a car will help you.
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The company will offer the car with or without driver.
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In any case, it will match all your requirements.
Our cars will be available as for a businessman so a student.
We offer new cars from economy class to luxury brands.
We can  provide you with additional equipment.
If you have small children, we will offer child seats, it is also possible Cycle carriers and other accessories.
You can drive on flat roads and the roads that lead you into the high mountains, do not worry, if the car will demage, it wil bechanged on other car and it will be insured by the best insurance company in the country; our cars will have regular tech. discretion.
If you get lost, do not worry,in your car will be GPS service, it will lead you anywhere.
If you return from a trip or traveling and you need a car at the airport, it is not a problem, our company’s driver will meet you and   take you from the airport. In addition, it will not matter at what point you’ll be in Armenia, our company "Naniko rent a car" will deliver the car anywhere to your location.

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