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Rent a car Vienna, Austria: Car rental at Naniko in Vienna

City of the Middle Ages

Vienna – beautiful imperial court. Violins memorable melodies, great dancing, delicious coffee flavor attract tourists to this elegant city.

Naniko Car Rental in Vienna

Being the cultural center of Europe for many generations she has brought great musicians , artists and philosophers. Such names as Beethoven and Mozart are associated with Vienna . The city is located along the Danube River and at one time served as a bridge between eastern and western Europe .
Vienna was the center of the Roman Empire and the Austro- Hungarian monarchy .
Viennese Waltz, as without it . Official balls are still here tradition.
A little bit about sightseeing :

  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral – is located in the central part . It can be considered a landmark . Its construction began in the early 14th century and completed only after the 2nd century . 1805 Napoleon hung his decree on the door of the cathedral.
  • Plague Column – a sculpture in honor of the end of the plague.
  • Opera
  • Vienna Ball – attraction for tourists , ballroom dress coats will help you feel the spirit of the old-time
  • Church of St. Augustine – Wedding Venues many emperors and empresses . In the church there are 54 silver urn with hearts Austrian Habsburg emperors . Just the royal tombs .
  • Area Am Hof . – Yarmchnaya alfresco dining area , where different possible suvenirchikov

All these attractions and more advice to travel by car and you can know the spirit of Vienna fully. You can rent a car in car rental company NANIKO.