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Car Rental Baku «Heydar Aliyev» Airport – Naniko

International Airport in Baku, named after Heydar Aliyev is one of the five airports in the country, it serves every year a huge number of passengers.
The airport is 20 kilometers from Baku.

Baku airport car hire

The airport is connected to the city by two routes. Airport meets all international standards; it is serving as local flights, and international and running around the clock.
The airport is the number one in the region for transit flights between the north and the south and north-west. This fact gives great importance to him.
"Naniko" very soon provide its services to the consumer. Reliable service can receive from our company everyone: travelers, business people, everyone who wants to rent a car.
Cars of different classes and production, with attachments, unlimited mileage all of these services and not only the company will offer the consumer.
Rent a car at the International Airport in Baku will be possible at affordable prices by our company.
Car booking will be possible with the help of internet and phone for a few minutes. You will book a car and for this you need only copy of your passport and driving license.
Qualified staff will meet you at the airport. You will start your visit to the country immediately after arrival. Plan your business and do not forget to add to this list our company!