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Rent a car Gomel,Belarus: Car rental at Naniko in Gomel

A very interesting city with an interesting history.
It is one of the largest cities among the cities of Belarus.
In order to spend pleasant time in the city you must rent a car from "Naniko" and avoiding problems related to transport.
Enjoy each and every moment in this beautiful city and our company in the future takes care of it.
We’re going to open an office for car hire in Gomel.

Gomel rent a car - Naniko

You may ask why do you need a car in Gomel?
To visit interest place and to listen on the way to Gomel FM, drive through the night, brightly lit city and beyond.
Do you know that the first mention of the city dates back to the 12th century?
There are as the ancient and modern monuments.
But the main attraction of the city is – Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble.
After we open an office in the city of Gomel there will be not difficult to rent a car and to enjoy the fantastic beauty of the city.
We offer luxury cars with an excellent service.
In our rich fleet of cars will be business class cars and economy class.
Booking cars in online mode and qualified employees.
You will receive information from them on the road and advice needed for you.
Do not worry about the technical side of the car, as each of them will be tested by technical specialists.
Our company cars about its customers and offers discounts and presents and makes it often.
For example, if you take our car in Gomel, you will get for your travel, free accessory – a chair for children etc.
Do not think much of what the company take a car in Gomel in the near future, choose us, and we never will not let you down!