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Car rental in Bern Airport. The required information about rent a car from Naniko

Bern, as an actual capital of Switzerland has about 140 000 inhabitants, 30% of which are of foreign origin. This city with its cosmopolitan atmosphere is always open for tourists and business people, also for immigrants in general. The main language is German, but also in use are the French and Italian. Bern impresses at first sight for its cleanliness and order, and its magnificent architecture is a testament of the rich heirloom that is also characteristic of other Swiss cities.

Bern is also a cultural center and the heart of Switzerland, and to achieve and for complete study of the many attractions to be very effective disposition of car rented from Berne Airport. As the most appropriate way of moving it will allow you in a few minutes reach the center and create the perfect route in your own discretion.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a perfect trip with an auto rental in the airport of Bern by Naniko!

The tenant receives from our company vehicle is in perfect order, clean and with all safety regulations, also with a full reservoir of fuel. When returning similar standards must be met.

Accessories like the snow chains, seats for children, CD-ROM, navigation system and other are the additional options and must be ordered on request.

It should be remembered that the question of fuel policies can be regulated therefore of more options by choice of a tenant, for instance, if the auto is returned without a full tank, then you must pay for the consumption on the spot.

It is available the option of the extension of the rental period according to your plans, but you must let us know a few days before of the expiration of the lease term.

Always there are age limits depending on the class of the rented vehicle. In each case, with the correct information you will be provided by our operators.

Apart of the payment for services, you must also pay the ammount of the deposit, which is designed as a warranty in event of damage to the vehicle. At the end when the vehicle is returned in an appropriate state the deposit will be refunded in full.

Get more from favorable conditions of the company Naniko for vehicle rental at the airport of Bern!

The international airport of Bern is disposed in the town Belp, respectively of which it got its name. It has a modern runway and a new terminal building, which is adjacent to the old terminal used for flights in the Schengen zone. Exists an intention to improve and increase the territory of the airport and to build an exclusive area for private aviation.