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Rent a car Tartu,Estonia: Car rental at Naniko in Tartu

The company of car hire "Naniko" plans to open an office in the city of Tartu.
"Naniko" in many cities is working quite well and is now planning to open an office in many cities in Europe, including in Tartu.

Car rental Tartu ,Photo

Why did we choose this city?
The city’s population currently stands at around 98,500 people, but in addition a lot of visitors come each year in the city, so the need in transport is large.
The city is rich in sights.
This city is tempting for many businessmen. You can do a business here.
New technologies are exported from this city around the world.
It is a city of universities and libraries, it is a city of ruins of fortresses, the unique statues, botanical gardens, great Peter’s Church and not only…
For beer lovers, the city is interesting because here is located the brewery – La-Kok, where the beer is brewed by experienced technologists, with a great tradition and modern technology.
Given all of these benefits should be noted that Tartu receives a huge number of guests.
And that’s why the need for transport is huge.
The company "Naniko" very soon offer in Tartu cars of different types, both economy class and business class with or without driver.
All cars at your request, we can equip with additional accessories for your convenience: seats for children, GPS navigator, etc.
We will meet you anywhere in the city at any time.
And you can book a car in the online mode.
Rent a car in Tartu soon from "Naniko."
Our cars are completely safe, because they will inspect.
The most convenient, cheapest and safe cars from "Naniko."
Rent a car from our company!