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Rent a car Estonia: Car rental at Naniko in Estonia

Estonia – is in northern Europe. It shares borders with Russia, Latvia and Finland.
The country is a member of NATO, the European Union, as well as a member of the Schengen Agreement.

Naniko rent a car Estonia

As for the administrative division of Estonia it is divided into fifteen counties:
The largest city in Estonia – is its capital – Tallinn. In second place are the city of Tartu, and the third city of Narva.
The total population of the country is about 1294250 residents.
Estonia has the following airports: Tallinn Airport. Meri Pärnu, Kuressaare, Tartu, Kärdla.
The country is in good economic condition, so it is the center of interest for many businessmen.
During the year, it attracts a lot of business people to participate in various business meetings.
Tourism in the country is well developed. The nature, culture and history of the country are unique and infinitely interesting.
That’s why people are interested in   Estonia for the trip.
If you have a desire to come to this fascinating country, delight the beauty of nature, the sights, get acquainted with the folklore, culture and traditions of the country, and contact the company "Naniko."
The company "Naniko" will give you the opportunity to rent a car.
Car hire in Estonia in recent years has become popular.
Our company operates in many countries successfully, and now the administration is planning to expand. In the near future it will open its branches in major cities in Estonia.
It will provide every customer all the conditions, so that the client felt like in your own car.
How to book a car?
You can make reservations in online mode.
Our qualified staff will always help you choose exactly the car that will provide you with a comfortable travel.
You do not have to worry about the safety of the car, because every car will be inspected.
Administration of the company always cares about its customers, if during traveling arise problem representatives of our company will come to you and will help you to solve the problem.
So, very soon, we will be in Estonia, we will open our offices in the cities and we will offer services that will acceptable for every