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Car rental in Finland: Naniko Rent A Car

If you are real traveler, you will visit in all case the most interesting and fascinating country of Finland. Finland is a country of Northern lights. Finland is located in the Northern Europe. In 2010, Finland was ranked first in the list of “Top of the world.”

Finland tourism destinations

The most beautiful forest lakes and rivers of the world are covering most territory of the country. Thus, the country takes the first place by the number of lakes and islands. There are 179500 islands and 187888 and lakes. Given the fact that the country is rich in natural resources, tourism in Finland is highly developed. Most popular direction are: fishing, rafting, hiking and biking in the summer period the rest on the Baltic coast, and in winter the ski resorts. In the north, you can often watch the northern lights midnight sun.
The most visited places in Finland are:
The country’s capital is Helsinki. Beautiful and great city receives visitors from all over the world.
Lapland, this is a place where are located: national parks, nature reserves. Each of them has unique attractions. many people arrives In Lapland to see these charming places, northern lights and polar night, and take а part in the fairy tale, it’s a fabulous place, the home of Santa Claus. Travelling in Lapland is a dream of every kid. In particular Lapland attracts skiers, the most popular ski resort is – Levy.
The city of Kuopio was founded in 1652 as a trading center. Today it is a favorite destination for travelers who love winter. Luxury hotels, nightclubs and bars, shopping malls and boutiques are situated there.
The oldest populated place is – Turku. The city dates back to the 13th century. There is the most popular attraction of the country.
Finland is known for its saunas. There are more than 2 million saunas in Finland.
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