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Car rental in France: Naniko Rent A Car

France – a country in Western Europe. Full name of the country – the French Republic. The main motto of the country is “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” country is a permanent and integral member of the UN Security Council. The country is divided into 27 regions. Official language is – French. Capital – Paris.
This is a very interesting and unique country, its history, culture, lifestyle is so different and colourful that it is very difficult to find an analogue for it in whole world. That is why it is in the top of the list of the most visited countries. It owns the most popular attractions and resorts. To visit this country is the dream of the people from all over the world.
You just have to pronounce the name of the country and immediately with it associated Paris, fashion, perfume , wine , Nice, Monte Carlo , Victor Hugo, Napoleon …
This country is completely saturated with the uniqueness and diversity.
France is famous for with production of wine. In each province is produced different wines, the most famous of them are: Anjou, Champagne , Burgundy , Bordeaux wines .
The rich culture of the country takes roots in the deep past. It is a country of many classics writers, philosophers, artists, scientists, whose works and masterpieces are world significance.
As for the architecture, it is possible to find different constructions in the country, which are belonging to different centuries. Here are the Gothic buildings, enormous cathedrals, castles, palaces , the palace – park ensembles , such as the Luxembourg Garden and Versailles .
France is a place where in the late 19th century, the Lumiere brothers created the first movie.
Most visited places in France are:
Paris, the capital and chief city of the country, which has numerous attractions and great places.
Saint Tropez – the famous resort and a favorite destination for summer vacations for the elite around the world
Nice – a Mediterranean city, which is famous with Cote d’Azur, eclectic buildings of the city, and cathedrals, churches and baroque palaces.
Loire Valley, also known as – the garden of France. Got this name because it owns amazing architectural structures. UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Mont Saint- Michel – rocky fortress city located in the north -west coast.
In short, France – is the country, which gives visitors an unforgettable experience and emotion that remains in the memory of man for the rest of his life.
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