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Car rental in Germany: Naniko Rent A Car

Germany, the country located in the central part of Europe, its official name is – Federal Republic of Germany.
Germany shares borders with the following countries: Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, France, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The country has access to the following seas: the Baltic and North.
The country has varied topography: the northern part is presented in the form of low-lying plains, while the southern part is quite mountainous. The largest rivers: the Danube, Rhine, Oder, Weser, Elbe. Most of the rivers are interconnected by channels, the most famous of them Kiel channel. The largest lake – Lake Constance. The climate in the north is marine climate, and already in the south is moderately continental.
Most major cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dortmund, etc. The capital and most populous city – Berlin.
The world famous brand cars are made in Germany, namely: VW Passat, Mercedes, BMV, Audi, Skoda … Cars of these brands are the most selling worldwide.
Move around the country by car is very comfortable and safe, because there are good observing driving rules.
The company Naniko soon opens offices in many cities of Germany.
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Cheap car rental in Berlin

Cars of different classes and productions of recent years, unlimited mileage, additional devices, car delivery to any place, car with a qualified driver, etc.
Germany has high quality of local production of clothes, shoes, household items, etc.
Germans are first mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman works, in the first century.
Interesting fact, the first time all over Europe, in Germany introduced a system of social security.
Germany is well developed in the field of medicine: the newest medical technologies that give the opportunity to apply innovative methods of treatment with high accuracy possible to obtain the correct analysis and determine diagnosis. Germany is the second country in the world that manufactures and exports high quality medicines.
The culture of the country is very interesting and diverse. Folkloric works are known of the V century, for example the song of the Nibelungenlied. The most prominent representatives of German literature: Schiller, Goethe, Heine, Thomas Mann, Nietzsche.
It is worth to mention the great composers whose works are unique, polyphonic. German composers of classical music, which created an entire era: Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Mozart, Strauss.
Main Attractions Germany: majestic castles and huge palaces, museums.
You must know that Germany is a country where invented insulin, pocket watch, a calculator, a light bulb, paraffin, motor vehicles, and LCD screen and player. The oldest savings bank located in Oldenburg. A European Central Bank in Frankfurt.
Germany is the important transport hub. Very important role plays Frankfurt airport, to take into account the serving of passengers, he beat the world record.
Germany is the second country in the world in drinking the beer. There are 1300 breweries in the country, which produces about 5,000 species.
And shortly Germany is the unique and striking country. Its cities and other areas are favorite destinations of tourists.