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Car rental in Helsinki from company Naniko

How to rent a car in Helsinki by Naniko in an easy and confident manner?

We are offering you the possibility of car hire with preliminarily glancing over our web-page, where you can choose the suitable model and then receive it in specified before part of Helsinki.

For making the car renting process more comfortable for our customers, we have very flexible working hours or let us saying that we are available 24 hours for seven days per week. Also we can agreed about desirable fer you time or any way you can negotiate details by mobile contact or online.

The vehicle models offered by our motor-vehicle pool are wide range of modifications, classes and brands. Starting from classic city types and finishing with off-roads and minivans for clients desiring more space in saloon.  For them who would like to enjoy beauties of Helsinki with the style, we would offer such models as BMW Z3, Porsche Boxster or Toyota MR2.

Why choosing the car at Naniko you will be on velvet?

  • Prices are including all taxes and insurance
  • No any hidden additional costs
  • Comfortable style of service dedicated to our clients
  • The lowest costs and guaranteed quality
  • Modification of order or cancelation, arranged 24 hours before is free of charge

And many other privilege’s of service, which you will get from cor hire company Naniko.

Helsinki – city for life!

The capital of Finland, as a matter of fact, is the most honest city in the world. What ever you will forget whenever, being in this city, you will find it safe and sound without any doubts.

Life in Helsinki is really good, furthermore, better then anywhere in the world. By findings of world Institutes of statistics, there are twenty-five cities of the world with top level of life, and Helsinki is the first among them.

City is impressing by its green plants around, literally it’ submerged in nature and surrounded by islands and magnificent views Baltic sea. Helsinki offers to its citizens and gests infinitive variety of places to be hidden from the fuss of megapolis.

Walking in Helsinki, tourists can explore by every steps, a lot of interesting things: the rich architectural edifices, museums, restaurants and bars for the pleasant coffee break, there are parks and small forests which covers up about 30% of the territory of city.

One of the most interesting places of Helsinki could be accepted the city port, where you can observe incoming huge ferries. In winter time the glacier covers the whole Finish bay to extend of the fortress of Suomelinna.  But in the summer time the waters of the bay are shining, reflecting the sun flashes.

Helsinki is the city which is easy to love and adore from the first glance. But don’t let yourself to be satisfied only by views from the window. Explore and drive all over the city on the car rented by Naniko!