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Car rental in Norway: Naniko Rent A Car

Norway – a country in northern Europe. Bordered by Russia, Finland and Sweden. The country is situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula and on small islands, which are attached to the peninsula. The territory is mainly mountainous. It owns large amounts of energy resources, which makes the country rich. In general, the population is of 5 million people. Norwegians are very fond of the sea, the people who live in the interior of the country, don’t forgive to buy a second home on the coast and 80 % of the population has their own boats.
The climate is very changeable, with incredible frequency may be changed the weather: fog, strong wind, rain, sun.
«Nororvegr” on Old Norse word meaning – “the way of the north “, the country’s name derives from this word. Capital of the country – Oslo. Other large cities: Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, etc.
The main part of budget replenished from the sale of petroleum and marine fisheries.
From a tourist point of view Norway is a very interesting country. It attracts huge number of tourists every year. People come here to see the northern lights, arrange an unforgettable cruise along the scenic fjords, which are the pride of the country. On board the cruise liner can be overlooked unpredictable natural beauty. Water in the fjords almost never freezes due Gulf warm stream. In the region of the narrow bays developed these types of popular leisure as: climbing, horseback riding, jumping. Norwegians are very careful to nature that is why the nature of the country is stored in its original form. Without any limitation, each resident or visitor can visit the country’s natural resources.
Norway also attractive for its national cuisine (main national dishes are made of fish), ski resorts, 100 % of the population is great at snowboarding and skiing.
Trysil – the largest ski resort, where there are 39 lifts.
Known as well: Hemsedal, Oslo Winter Park, Hafjell and etc.
Museum: If you ever visit to this country, you must visit the Viking Ship Museum, here are the different ships on which the Vikings sailed in different areas and countries.
The lights of cars are always turning on in Norway. Light does not turn off almost never due to foggy weather.
To travel to the harsh Norwegian it is need of a reliable and comfortable car. If you are visiting the country to need a car, you can rent it.
Our company Naniko plans to open an office in the major cities of Norway. Rent a car in Norway is possible from our company.
We will offer the most comfortable car the latest releases at an affordable price.
Services: rent a car without a driver and the driver, with accessories, unlimited mileage, delivery to any place at any time of the day, the minimum number of documents for instant booking. These and other services will be available to everyone who wants a comfortable and safe ride.
Enjoy the natural beauty of the country, which has no analogues all over the country.