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Rent a car at the international airport of Krakow – Balice. Car Rental for you from Naniko

A trip to such sumptuous city like Krakow can be the best decision you could take when planning your vacation or travel for any other purpose. This is a very beautiful place, attracting with its charm, beauty, and advanced age. That all of this together making it such a popular destination for tourists. In Krakow, a lot of wonderful places to visit, including Wawel Hill, where raised the majestic Wawel Castle, where Polish kings lived. Today, there is a museum. In the core of the old town you can visit the Rynek Glowny and stroll through its beautiful cobbled streets. Of course, the place of huge interest is the Kazimierz, known as Hebrew region, where you can see many synagogues.

Of course, organizing the trip one should take into account many details and even be wise to plan some of the nuances. So, for instance, instead of spending additional money to travel by taxi or lose time waiting for public transport is always better to pre-book auto hire from the airport of Krakow. At least, anyone can immediately see the many benefits of this service, using which for you will open inexhaustible possibilities of the trip.

Having an auto rented in Krakow Airport from Naniko you will create by yourself the journey of your dreams for the perfect price!

At your choice is a wide range of vehicles from the company. If you are looking for agile city car compact, for easy maneuverability on city streets, whether you prefer an elegant sedan, luxury-class cars for special events or business trip, or a comfortable minivan for a family trip, here you will find the perfect option for any occasion.

We will offer you favorable and lower prices, in which already taken into account taxes, insurance, road assistance and you are granted with unlimited mileage.

You will not find hidden costs and margins. Any additional service has a separate price, which is always clearly indicated.

Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, our professional and polite operators are always happy to give you the information you need.

All roads opened for your pleasant journey in disposition of car rental at the airport in Krakow from the company Naniko!

International Airport Krakow-Balice is also named in honor of John Paul II, who lived here for many years. It is located in Balice, 11 km from Krakow. It was a former military airfield, which since 1964 has been opened for civilian flights. According to passenger traffic of 3 million people it is the second busiest airport in Poland.

There are two passenger terminals, linked by a free shuttle bus. Both terminals have full range of services for the convenience of travelers.