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Rent a car Riga,Latvia: Car rental at Naniko in Riga

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Very soon we will be in Riga

Riga – the city which is considered as a pearl of the Baltic States.
Coming here you will enjoy the beauty of this multicultural city, ancient and modern naslodites unikalnymi products.
There is so much to see. But if you come to the city and you do not have anyone there, it’s hard to move alone in the city, and you don’t have nerves on  a taxi and Public Transportation .
You need a car… In that case, you can hire a car.
Rent a car – this service all over the world  is in a great demand. Car hire in Riga is  also very popular.
There are many companies in this service. And maybe you will think which one to choose.
We offer our company Naniko rent a car which offers to hire a car.
Our company is in Georgia, there is quite a long time, it is now planning to open branches in other countries of the Caucasus and Europe, including in Riga.

Why "Naniko rent a car"?

After long time of his practice "Naniko rent a car" fully complies with European standards.
We will suggest to cars of different brands and types, you can choose your desired car from the wide range of products.
Cars from economy class to luxury brands of recent years.
The company will suggest to the machine with or without driver.
Of course without a driver service more cheaper, but also in case, if you take the  driver after one week  it will be descount for you.
Car rental rates will be low, if you will use our services for a long time for you will be discounts. In scrip card payments include VAT.
In the city or in the countryside, if you will  lost, you helps GPS service.
"Naniko rent a car" will be a reliable car rental in Riga, the cars will be subject to regular inspection of those, and even so, if you still happen nepredvitelnaya breaking it to you, we immediately replaced. Our projects besides car is insured will be the best insurance company in the country.
For vehicles of the "Naniko rent a car" will not be an obstacle yavlyatsya uneven roads, the guiding you into the high mountains.

Before coming to Latvia you can order, book a car with the aid of our legal sites.
You  will be waiting by your  chosen car in the airport, with or without driver.

The company can deliver the car in any point of Latvia.

Your rest already from here begins smartly, you can go by it everywhere, across all Latvia where the road lasts…
"Naniko rent a car" is a comfort and tranquillity, it is cheap and is elegant, these are kilometers without obstacles…
We are the best in Georgia, we will be  the best in Latvia …