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Rent a car Bendery,Moldova: Car rental at Naniko in Bendery

One of the mostmagnificent and glorious and beautiful  cities in the country of Moldova is the city of Bendery.
The ancient name of thecity – Tighina.
The city is situated inthe eastern part of Moldova on the banks of the Dniester River.
If you come to town, youwill take impress from the beauty of the city from the first seconds. Afterseeing the city, you will find that Bender will not mix in your mind with othercities, no matter how much you travel. The unique and amazing flavor of thecity appears at every turn. Here is also Bender Fortress of XVI centuryCathedral of the XIX century, various memorials and not only.
The city is known fordiverse cultural life, it has: a lot of museums, galleries, theaters andcinemas. Vigorous bars and nightclubs are open until the early hours.

Bendery rent a car - naniko

If you are going to visitthe ancient Bendery you want to enjoy your vacation to the full, you willdefinitely need a car.
At an early date our nextstep will be to open a new branch in the city and we will offer the consumerrental cars.
Car from"Naniko" is the best way to get rid of problems of transport that mayoccur upon arrival in an unfamiliar city.
Our friendly staff will bewith you throughout your stay and will not leave you unattended for a minute.
We will offer you carrental at low prices.
You can book a car in theonline mode, for a few minutes and you will need for it only a copy of yourpassport and driving license.
Come to the city onbusiness or travel, and we deliver you car to your destination.
Your car will be equippedby additional accessories for additional comfort.  Seats for children and seat for babies,baskets for luggage and bike holders, to travel on unfamiliar roads – GPSNavigator.
We also offer you theservices of a driver, unlimited mileage, assistance during accidental breakageof the car.
Rented cars will include VAT and car insurance.
Rent a car in Bender from "Naniko" – a reliable car rental for all comers.