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Car rental in Moldova: Naniko Rent A Car

Moldova is situated in the extreme south – west of the East – European valley.
The country is bordered by Ukraine and Romania. The country is hilly, which is dissected by rivers.
Population of Moldova is about 3560 people, it is multinational and multicultural.
Moldavia has very interesting history , it suffered an invasion of many states but it is survival.
The largest cities of Moldova are: Chisinau, Tiraspol, Balti, Bender  Archaea.

Rent a car in Moldova - naniko car rental

In recent years the country’s infrastructure is developing rapidly.
The main export of the country is the food, and textiles. Importers of Moldova are mainly: Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Italy.
The tourism in the country develops too. Because in the country can be seen a lot of interesting and memorable.

The country has developed all kinds of transport.

The road infrastructure in recent years has developed very well.
Because of the country has no access to the sea, road transport is of great importance for the country.
Today, people move on different type of transport, but the most comfortable of them  is own  car.
But all can be caught in a situation where a private car is not available.
In that case, you can contact a company that offers car rental.
Huge demand I have the service throughout the whole world. Rent a car in Moldova become  recently very popular.
“Naniko rent a car” company that offers  to the consumer to hire a car, plans to open a branch office in Moldova.
It has existed  in the market for a long time and has acquired quite a lot of practice.
Today, it is in line with European standards, which is a very important factor for the customer when the company he chooses.
Our company offers the best  service.
Cars from economy to business class will be equipped with additional accessories of your choice.
The price of the cars will include VAT. GPS navigator will accompany you on the different roads.
Rent a car will be able to get online on the Internet and at the airport you will be waiting for our driver with the your name.
You will also deliver the car anywhere in the country and you will be able to overcome the miles of roads freely.

Our cars will have regular technical discretion.

But if an emergency vehicle you anywhere try a different one.
The cars will be better insured by insurance companies.
The company will offer its services with or without driver, if you wish.
Naniko rent a car will make your visit memorable in the country. Our car will be the most secure, comfortable and accessible to all.