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Car rental in Orlando, Florida from Naniko car hire Company

Orlando, the famous city of Florida, is known for the presence of the nearby park Disney World and another thematic parks such as Sea World and complex Gatorland, one of the oldest attractions.

The city itself is known as a shopping paradise. The surrounding area has many lakes.

On our website you will receive detailed information about a car hire in Orlando.

You can move in any direction without worrying about using other public transports.

Economic rent a car in Orlando from Naniko is a guarantee of full and busy holiday.

This is a practical solution to facilitate access to places located far from each other, or outside the city.

  • In most cases, the minimum age for lease is 21.
  • We provide with a filled tank of petrol, which is supposed to be refunded with the same level of fuel.
  • Requires a valid driver's license for at least one year.
  • The presence of international driver's license is necessary in most cases, especially if they are issued in the language of non-Roman alphabet

Orlando is disposed in central Florida, as well as in a short drive from the east coast. Furthermore of being a very popular tourist destination for family holidays, as this area is famous among retirees and golfers. Orlando is rich in amusement parks, access to many beaches and nearby lakes.

Regardless of age, here anyone can discover for himself something extraordinary to do in Orlando.

Using your vehicle rented from Naniko allows easier approach to all Orlando attractions.

If there is complete freedom of movement, you can easily spend a day or evening in a special way, to visit, including Walt Disney World, Discovery Cove, Orlando Museum of Art and the Shakespeare Theatre.

With car rental in Orlando – In this area, you can choose from more than 170 golf courses, in addition to which there are about 20 training fields, where lessons give professionals of PGA. With the car easier to visit most of the fields to select and still have plenty of time to enjoy the game.

Orlando has a mild climate all year round; the air can be quite humid, with short regular rainfall.

The city is inhabited by 215,000 people, but together with the region population of almost 2 million people. Like many cities in Florida, in Orlando majority of the population are Hispanic, especially from Puerto Rico.

Tourism is the main source of income for Orlando. Every year the city attracts about 50 million local and foreign visitors.