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Car rental in Raleigh, North Carolina, from Naniko

The capital of North Carolina – the fastest growing city in the state, Raleigh presented with traditional southern boulevards and modern shopping center, as well as impressing buildings of Greek Doric architecture.
This is a wonderful and exciting place to visit.

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The state’s capital is characterized by a beautiful building with a copper dome of 29.5 meters and a giant sparkling marble statue of George Washington.

In the Raleigh there are two major museums of North Carolina: Museum of Art and History Museum, where are presented the works of great masters such as Raphael, Van Dyck, Homer and Monet. In addition, its dedicated to the history of North Carolina since the time of the American Indians, the history of slavery and the Civil War, as well as the period of the twentieth century.

Interesting is an excursions to the University towns of Chapel Hill and Durham, located near the capital, where you can also enjoy the lively and exciting nightlife.

The history of the city begins with Sir Walter Raleigh, famous explorer, navigator and English poet, in honor of whom it’s got proper name. In 1792, the city became the capital of the county and state. From the 1920 there began the development and growth through the construction of tramways, and then in the 50s, with the construction of the foundation of Research Triangle Park – area of research in the field of technology.

Just in a distance of a short walk from the center is the Yesterday village, a masterpiece of art. There are presented more than 100 artisans with invaluable heritage of traditional crafts. The main purpose of this village is education. Every year in the Fair of North Carolina, 100 artisans demonstrate their skills passed down from generation to generation. The aim is to promote the development and perpetuation of these activities.