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Car Rental in Reno. Low cost by Naniko

Located on the beautiful plains of Nevada, just 16 km from the border with California, Reno is an attractive city, which is oftentimes yclept the minor Las Vegas.

Rent a car is a way to explore the town and its surroundings in a very free rhythm on your own terms.

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Reno is a second most populous city with a populace of 225.221 inhabitants and the superficies of 179.6 square kilometers.

Reno is less congested and dazzling than Las Vegas, still remains among the major US cities in terms of gaming entertainment. However, among all the casinos and buffets from the sky and the ground, you can find plenty of other attractions and a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

For auto fans there is a nice opportunity to spend the day at the National Museum of cars.

There are hundreds of old cars on display, in addition to which many artifacts and memories associated with the historical period of each car.

Wilbur Center – a set of abundant gardens, children’s playground, where also ate museum and arboretum. Children will have fun at the zoo of exotic animals, and the water slides, while adults can wander around in this bizarre museum.

On the University of Nevada, you can enjoy viewing the dazzling light show in the Fleischmann planetarium, placed in a magnificent building.

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The main gambling district is disposed in the northern part of the city. Obviously, that here is less glitter of Las Vegas, but the advantage is that you can also enjoy the magnificent scenery and play poker.

Since tourism is the principle activity of the city, then arranged multitudinous festivals and celebrations throughout the year, including Reno Balloon Race, hot August night, Reno Rodeo and more. Nevada State Fair and Blues Festival also held in Reno.

Reno can be achieved from the international airport Reno-Tahoe, located six kilometers from the Central Business District.