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Car rental at Sarajevo airport. Rent a car with best deals by Naniko

Sarajevo is disposed in the homonymous valley, surrounded on all sides by hills and is renowned for the beauty and splendor of its nature. The capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina according to the data of last years has about 305 000 inhabitants. This ancient city was founded in 1200 and has always been under the influence of various religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In particular, for the urban landscape is characteristic the Muslim architecture, where more than 100 mosques and colorful Turkish market . The first and oldest mosque was built here in 1462 and named the Imperial Mosque. Here are many historic attractions, as well as several museums, including the National Historical museum.
Sarajevo International Airport, also known as Butmir, is placed 6 km distant from the city. Taking the undeniable advantages of auto hired at the airport in Sarajevo, you can easily get to any destination, to cover more possible routes and visit nearby towns.

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Rental period originally stated in the agreement with clear reception and return dates, but if your plans changed, you can also extend the period of the lease, telling us about it beforehand, two days prior of the end date.
As a rule, we also provide a delivery of vehicle for a specific address that you specify when booking.

We do not restrict movement area on our cars and you are free to travel even to neighboring countries, after agreeing this issue at the conclusion of the contract as it necessary to specific written permission to cross the border.

If you want to change or cancel your reservation, you will not have additional expenses, notifying two days before the start date of the lease.
When you change such details as a model of car rented or the number of days it is clear that the total cost will be also different.
Voucher of reservation, you received as confirmation of the order, you must have at car reception, as it contains detailed information about your order.

Take advantage of unlimited mileage on car rent at the airport of Sarajevo from Naniko!

Getting your vehicle at the airport of Butmir, you’ll have a great opportunity to travel in such areas as the popular tourist resort with the best ski slopes, located just 10 km to the east. Taking the path heading south, you will come to Trnovo, near the mountain Bjelasica, another great winter resort. To the west, about 40 km, you can visit the village of Bradina, also a cute little town Konjic.