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Cheap car rental in Sarajevo. Rent a car from Naniko

Significantly recovered after the tragic events and the devastation of the civil war, today Sarajevo is once again the attractive European city, which was always. In the middle of Sarajevo flows the river Miljacka. A considerable effort has been done to restored the main part of the old town, also for the structure of the Habsburg period of the nineteenth century.

If you intend to stay here for business matters or for sightseeing, taking advantage of auto hire in Sarajevo, you can also visit its beautiful surroundings. Amazing natural park Sources of Bosnia, offers magnificent nature, full of sources, lakes and islands. The fact that, the Bosnian capital is surrounded by hills, gives the alternative possibility to have a mountain walk.

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Question of the cover of fuel costs has always negotiated in advance and may be settled in accordance with the number of existing options: full – empty, with payment of the full tank at our office, empty – empty, full – full. Select the option at the discretion of the customer.

In most cases for rent a car exists the age limit at which the minimum age is determined as 21 years. Although many companies require an additional fee for young driver, the company Naniko just requires the driving practice for at least two years.

If you do not want to drive alone during whole journey, you can specify an additional driver and this condition will be included in the contract.

If your trip includes a visit to several cities in which you do not intend to return to the starting point, you can use the option of one way rental. Without any doubt can return the car to the other our office closest to your route.

Baby seats, luggage basket, navigators, ski racks and other aids are available on request. Due to the high demand for, better to order them when booking.

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At all times, Sarajevo was amongst the few places in the world where people of different faiths, cultures and traditions lived in harmony. This fact gave birth to many magnificent monuments of religious architecture, stand side by side for centuries. Unfortunately, the war and out of its misunderstanding brought about changes in the centuries-old friendship of the people here, but many religious buildings are preserved, still praising the former glory of the city. You can visit the beautiful mosque of Gazi Husrev Bey, of the beginning of the sixteenth century or the synagogue, Orthodox and Catholic churches.