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Car Rental in Sofia International Airport. Low cost of rent a car from Naniko

Today, Sofia is a modern city, which is characterized by ethnic and cultural diversity. The capital is inhabited by more than 1,000,000 people. Sofia is the heart of the Bulgarian economy and its main political and cultural center. There is an international airport, the most significant and the largest one in the whole of Bulgaria, which is located only 6 km from the city and most of tourist attractions.

Travelers and business people who intend to spend a certain period of time here, usually as a convenient means of travel for themselves choose to rent a car at Sofia airport to visit the fascinating and majestic capital of Bulgaria in complete comfort, efficiently use of their time and finances.

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When lease a car the for main or additional drivers is required to have a valid driver’s license with a shelf life of at least one year. With that, if the license is not issued in Latin always need to have one of the international standard.

Personal documents, such as passport and driving license need to carry with you throughout the period of the lease.

All our vehicles are insured for the maximum number of passengers and the insurance cost, and taxes are included in the offered price.

According to the vast range of our parkland, we are able to provide you with any type of car that best fits your travel style. Here you will discover cheap compact models for urban movements, roomy and reliable SUVs, sedans and elegant luxury class cars, as well as minivans and minibuses to more number of people.

Among the packages we have different options as, for example, auto leasing in the short term, with unlimited mileage and low monthly rental rate. This is a very handy option because it provides all the benefits without any additional obligations.

Also available are packages in the long terms, a one-way rental, special options for corporate clients, transfers to any destination and more.

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In the Sofia airport operate numerous international airlines, including companies offering lower- priced flights. Flights are operated on most European destinations, also have a certain number of domestic flights. The average annual passenger traffic is approximately 3 million people. In the terminals travelers can avail the full range of necessary services and spend pleasantly their waiting time.