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Find your ideal car rental in Sweden. Maximum benefits for Rent a car with Naniko

Switzerland represents all the charm of nature represented in the heart of the Old Continent. Unparalleled alpine sceneries capture visitors at a glance and make them fall in love of it for a lifetime. Here you can enjoy a dip in the clear azure water of a mountain lake, with cable car height admire the spectacular views. But not only. Switzerland is also a country of vibrant and cosmopolitan cities such as Zurich, Lausanne, Bern and others, attracting increasing numbers of tourists, enticed by their eclectic charm, attractions and vibrant nightlife.

To travel in complete comfort, you can rent a car in Switzerland, which can be easily selected in the range of lucrative offers from the company Naniko. As a top-level specialist in the field of given services, Naniko provide you with low prices that will bring you twice as much satisfaction from successfully organized trip. We provide with the complex of rental services at the airports and cities of Switzerland, giving you complete freedom to study the incredible places and cities.

Your successful trip starts with the correct choice of auto rental in Switzerland by company Naniko!

Traveling with friends, you can share the pleasure of driving with your fellow travelers by selecting an option of additional driver at registration of the lease contract.

There are age restrictions, under which stipulated minimum age 21 years for the implementation of the lease. In this case, you must have a driver’s license for at least two years. If the national document is issued in a language different from Latin, required also one of international standard.

You can always amend your booking, a few days before the start date of the lease, on the same principle can be also annulled your reservation.

In our prices, provided via web- site is already taken into account all taxes and mandatory auto insurance Casco. Also, you are granted with unlimited millage and free roadside assistance.

We offer the range of assistive devices for the safety and convenience, including Navigators, child seats, winter accessories and more.

Explore the country in all directions with the convenience of vehicle rented in Switzerland from Naniko!

Despite the fact that Switzerland is a country not very large scale, for its full and in-depth study is better to have time to spare. In addition to the magnificent natural landscapes, Switzerland offers many interesting cultural monuments, castles and medieval villages. And, of course, interesting tours of the modern Swiss cities as Bern, Basel, Geneva as the cultural capital, Zurich and Lausanne, with its spectacular lake.

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