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Car rental Tallahassee, Florida with car hire Naniko

Adorable Tallahassee is the capital of the famous Sunny Florida. Although this is not one of the popular tourist destinations, but the town is worth a visit and offers many attractions.

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Tallahassee is a small town, with less than 200 000 inhabitants, but nevertheless has available two universities and is the core of trade and agriculture of the state.

Travel to Tallahassee can be started with a beautiful ornamental gardens, which were established in 1923 by Alfred B. Maclay and represent a real masterpiece of floral architecture. Park disposes walkway made of brick walls, secret garden, is a kind of greenhouse with hundreds of camellias and azaleas.

Since 1845 Capitol in Tallahassee Florida symbolizes the state's government. Refurbished in 1902, this historic building is placed in the center of a huge architectural complex. Under a large stained-glass dome combined history, politics and traditions that come to life in the exhibition, organized by the museum with photos and recordings, which gives to visitors the opportunity to relive the events that have formed the Florida of nowadays.

The area where Tallahassee disposed is known as the other Florida, because the landscape is very different from other areas. The territories here are dominated by hills covered with forests of beech, which emphasize color change of the seasons. Along with the museums and research centers, you can visit here quite a special place -Museum of retro cars, with a beautiful collection devoted to old models of cars.

No other place is better tells about Florida than its capital. It is home to a large community of African Americans who brought their gastronomic features to the local cuisine. As a result, it contains aromatic, spicy, colorful ingredients, which cannot fail to charm by its wealth of flavors. Do not miss the opportunity to try even the ancient Indian dishes.

Car hire in Tallahassee – The Seminoles are a proud people, who had never been vanquished by the white man, and preserve their culture: they are extremely hospitable people who will gladly tell his epic past. You can try the soups from the roots and vegetables or a bison meat that is prepared by quenching until it becomes oily. This is the most auspicious occasion to communicate with these special people in the heart of Florida.  

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