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Car rental in Tucson, Arizona from Naniko rent a car

Tucson is the second by dimensions city of the US state of Arizona, with a populace of approximately 600,000 people. This western city is very popular and is just 160 miles from the Mexican border.

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When taking the vehicle, you must have with a voucher, which shows all the details passport and driver's license.

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Additional devices such as snow chains, child seats, navigation and other better too book in advance, but also at the moment of getting the vehicle.

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Located in the picturesque area of the red desert in southern Arizona, Tucson is a charming oasis with a mixture of cultural roots. Here you can see the rich heritage that combines the culture of Native American, Spanish, Mexican and Anglo-American influences, which are indelibly intertwined for many years.

At one time, being a Spanish outpost, Tucson has kept this part of its history, more dedicated to El Presidio, the historical part of the city that is in the center.

La Casa Cordova  is a typical model of an old Spanish house that once belonged to a wealthy Spanish businessmen. The building is available through the Tucson Museum of Art, which has a collection of works from antiquity to modern art and emphasizes the connection between art and life.

In the process of studying the downtown area, you can visit the two former residence, the house of Stevens and fish house, now functioning as a museum, focusing on the life of the local elite in the mid-nineteenth century.

Air and Space Museum is the largest, privately financed, an aerospace museum in the world, which traces the development of air transport in the last century. The museum has more than 250 copies since the first aircraft ever built.

A few minutes from the center of the city is Old Tucson Studios, which offers  traditional entertainment in the form of the Old West shows, attractions and shops that have played a role in shaping ideas about the world of the Wild West!