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Cars hire in Larnaca by auto rental Naniko

Summer is the time of vacations and journey, but what to do if you haven’t appropriate car for a long travel, or even you just don’t want to travel long a way by own car? The solution is like always simpler and more reasonable from the practical point of view – Rent a Car service. Traveling with airways, train or sea transport, but arrived at your destination, there is always rent a car Naniko at your service!

larnaca - car rental by Naniko

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For carrying out your reservation at Larnaca by Naniko, you just need following documentation:

  • Valid driving licence
  • Copy of passport or ID
  • Confirmation of your reservation

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Larnaca is a city on Cyprus with 100.000 inhabitants. The city has an international airport and considered as one of the best balneal resorts.

Boulevard, demarcated by the palmy alley along the full length of coast, is the place of concentration of the largest stream of tourists, and constitutes a modern style port. It’s, as well, an antic Turkish quarter on the sea side, animated by jolly taverns.

As on the most balneal resorts of the Island, at Larnaca, hotels and guest houses are situated outline of the city, astride the road following to the airport.

The hotels in Larnaca are comfortable and organized at a high level.

There are public beaches along the seaboard. The best and essentially, beaches of Larnaca are that ones, which stretch out the coastline of the city.

Beachfront rest and sea-water bathes is better always combined with cultural events and seeing such amazing places as the antique mosque of Al Kerib, the Byzantine Church of Saint Lazarus, the old fortress with a museum of the Middle Ages. Discover yourself the new shady roads, where multitudes of itinerant travelers are mixed with each other.

In short, the city is the best of everything what offers to holiday-makers, and the car hire company Naniko will help you to explore Larnaca and Whole Island across with the fair wind.