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Albuquerque – town of New Mexico, intersected by the Rio Grande

Albuquerque is most populous city in New Mexico. Crossed by the Rio Grande river, Albuquerque is a huge metropolis with a populace of about 750,000 people, which is almost half the state’s population.

The city was founded in 1706, in the period when Spanish militaries settled in Ranchos de Albuquerque, which was strategically disposed on the territory along the Camino Real. And to this day you can see distinct traces of the traditional Spanish way where the most important public buildings are placed in the central square and just in a few minutes’ walk is possible to reach the Cathedral.

In 1862 Albuquerque was occupied by the Federal troops under the command of General Henry Hopkins and experienced several months of suffering and death. Already at the beginning of the 20th centenary, when the city’s population was still about 8000 inhabitants, the period of economic and demographic boom began in the city, an effective infrastructure began to be formed with creation of modern systems and medical services.

Visiting Albuquerque, you can effectively create excursion routes so as not to miss architectural and cultural attractions, taking into account the landscape features. It is possible to conditionally divide the city into four quadrants and consistently adhere to this division scheme. In the northeast, the most populated part of the city, you can see the University of New Mexico, the Maxwell Anthropology Museum, and in the residential area, there are several shopping centers that are ideal for shopping or a small rest in cozy bars. There are also Balloon Fiesta Park and the Albuquerque Academy. In the north-western part you can visit the old city, dating back to the first half of the eighteenth century, which is characterized by the presence of a national petroglyph monument, and you can visit the historic quarter of Martinez town, the Paradise Hills and Cottonwood Mall.

Visit the most exciting places and enjoy the international festival of balloons in Albuquerque!

Do not miss the chance to enjoy a spectacular view from a height of 3100 meters from Sandia Peak, located a few kilometers from the city, which can be reached by the longest cable car in the US.

An interesting place to visit is Old Town Plaza in the old town, on the Rio Grande Boulevard, which is surrounded by many restaurants, shops and bars. The Pioneer Phone Museum presents an extensive collection of telephones from 1876 to nowadays.

The city annually hosts an important festival, the International Balloon Fiesta, the foundation of which was in October 1972. More than a thousand colorful balloons are floating in the sky above the city, delighting tens of thousands of visitors.

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