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Las Vegas is much more than a huge playground for adults

The charm of Las Vegas often becomes simply overwhelming, drawing visitors here from around the world. Shine of the lights of nightlife, feeling of excitement of the game, everywhere fashion shops, trendy boutiques and luxury hotels, also the art galleries and chic clubs, make a trip here simply unforgettable.

Visiting the city covers the feeling of absence of time, casinos are open around the clock, night life rages and sparkles unlimited, you can stay awake until dawn, and feel at night like in broad of daylight. Slowly sipping a cocktail under the stars in a cozy bar on the terrace or strolling through the streets during the day, you can meet famous people, and to get in touch with the routine of life of the world-class stars.

We must admit that Las Vegas is better known as one big playground for millionaires, where luxurious casinos are open 24 hours a day, all year round. Many casinos even offer free lessons in blackjack or other table games. So, you can have fun at night, but also during the day provided many opportunities for recreation. You can wake up in the morning or at lunchtime, and enjoy a buffet with champagne, sunbathe by the pool or stroll through the fascinating city, visiting interesting museums and other places. In short, in addition to nightlife even during the day one can discover a lot when travel to Las Vegas.


Las Vegas has grown and transformed from the mid-20th century, when began to walk in the streets such celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. Today Las Vegas is an ideal place to relax. The biggest annual event is still the Christmas and New Year.


It should be mentioned that the city offers a spectrum of museums and galleries. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts offers a variety of works of art of the most famous artists of all time, as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and others. These exhibitions are periodic and are available for various American museums or prestigious international collections.


Meanwhile, a visit to the museum of MOB will be a true journey through the history of the place, where you can discover the most famous gangsters of the mafia world. It is a quaint museum, in fact, much different from all the famous museums and excites the incomparable with anything  other interest.

The ideal place for those who are interested to learn the secrets of the animal world, is the Natural History Museum in Las Vegas, where are presented extinct animals such as dinosaurs. Here you can see skeletons and replicas of animals from all over the world and make a fascinating journey.

Equally entertaining will be the visit of the wax museum of Madame Tussauds, where you will see in the immediate vicinity the statue of celebrities.


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