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About Sweden – Wealth of culinary traditions and birthplace of Pippi Long stocking

Sweden, together with other Scandinavian countries, offers a great and pure nature and exotic flavors in a modern kitchen. From the far north of the Arctic Circle to the fertile plains of the southern tip (over 1500 km) in Sweden followed a completely different climate zones, characterized by a rich biodiversity of flora, fauna and traditions.

Culinary traditions of Sweden

n summer and autumn the Swedes of all ages gather mushrooms, forest fruits and vegetables of all kinds, respectively territory. Nature here presents an impressive variety of mushrooms, more than 500 kinds of fruit, berries and a lot of varieties of apples. In the forests and plains grow blueberries, wild strawberry, arctic berries, mountain ash, black elderberry, and many others. Some of them can be eaten fresh with milk or cream, while others are used for jam, marmalade or fruit syrups for the winter.

The need for food preservation and extension of shelf life under adverse climatic conditions was the foundation for the development of Swedish cuisine, which is rich today in technology of dried fruits, smoking, salting, etc. Plenty of options for pickled herring and most sweet-sour preserve perhaps the best examples, but also marinated salmon one of their famous delicacies.

In the past, for the preparation of gravad lax (buried salmon) salmon salted and buried in the ground up to eating. And today it is cooked under pressure, seasoned with salt, pepper, sugar and chopped dill over a period of several hours to several days.

Coffee was imported here from Turkey at a time when Finland and Sweden were one state. Until today, the Swedes are among the main consumers of coffee in the world, after the Finns. Coffee breaks in Sweden are kind of cultural phenomenon and happen several times a day with relatives, colleagues or friends. Coffee is drunk in small sips a bit of sugar and biscuits, cake with cinnamon or with a cheese sandwich. Cafeteria, called confectionery, can be found both in the cities and in small villages.

Liveliness of Scandinavian gastronomy is expressed in different ways. In addition to restaurants, the small gourmet company opened in the provinces and in the cities.

And even the company's wine production has increased significantly, despite the harsh climate.


In the footsteps of Pippi Long stocking

Raise your hand who has never heard of Pippi Long stocking. Well, yes, a Swedish girl is familiar to all; many grew up watching the TV show for the red-haired beast, awarded by nature with incredible energy. Image of Pippi, who was born from the pen of the writer Astrid Lindgren, revered in Sweden to the fact that there are many theme parks dedicated to her, as well as a museum with the characters of the novel in Stockholm.

The largest theme park dedicated to Astrid Lindgren and her plague girl is in Vimmerby, the birthplace of the writer. It is a park for children in the truest sense of the word: in some places the adults cannot enter because of their large size, there enter only kids! The park is located in an area of ​​160 square meters and produces various stages of the world of Pippi.

One of the most popular attractions for children and adults in Sweden is a train Villacolle villa on the island of Gotland. On board the train tales you make a trip to the world of Pippi, reaching the villa where she lived, you can immediately swing ride, have fun on the slides and many other fun games.

To spend time with the kids, Sweden and Pippi Long stocking are waiting for you to have fun. Word  of Pippi!