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Ukraine: Country of Willow and Viburnum

Ukraine is a beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage and many fine cities and villages, representing you countryэы history and Ukrainian people spirit. Actually each Ukrainian city has a lot of monuments and architectural values. Starting from the Crimean region and to the Carpathians there are many ancient castles and churches, palaces and museums which create an unique atmosphere. In Ukraine you will found mountains, the sea-side and the wilderness, diverse city, and above all hospitable people.

Black Sea in southern Ukraine with many resort towns awaits its guests^ Yalta, Kherson, Kazantip, Bakhchisarai, Koktebel, Alupka. But a special Black Sea city is, of course, Odessa. The famous Opera House, Arcadia beach, Potemkin stairs leading to the beautiful seafront etc.

The capital of Ukraine Kiev itself is a living museum. View Andrew’s descent and go to St. Andrew’s Church, admire Sophia’s and enjoy the pacification of the Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra, with its famous caves.

International airport connects Ukraine with almost any spot in the world.

Golden Gate heritage of Kiev Russ‘, which has come down to our days, recovered from the ruins. The gates are crowned by the Church of the Annunciation, which offers great views of Kiev. The gates were the main entrance to Kiev, and in modern times it is became capital’s symbol.

About Ukraine

Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra, the holy of XI century Kiev Russ, cave shell of monks Anthony and Theodosius. XII – XII centuries temples which are preserved up to nowadays: The Gate Svyatotroitskaya Church (1107g.) – sample of "Ukrainian" Baroque – The Church of All Saints (1698. G), the tallest religious structure of the country – Lavra Bell Tower (1745). Golden domed amazing temple is considered the chief ornament of the capital, as well as represents the religious and cultural monument. In the Lavra caves lie incorrupt relics of many saints: St. Theodosius, Nestor the Chronicler and beloved by children epic hero Ilya Muromets.

Saint Sophia Cathedral was built in the XI century. Rare examples of mosaics and frescoes have survived. Cathedral is surrounded by monastery buildings wgich are Baroque architecture of XVII century. Saint Sophia is a marvel of ancient Slavic and Byzantine architecture.

At the Cathedral center is figure of the praying Virgin Mary. which height is 6 meters. It made from stone and stain-glass plates of about 177 shades and colors. The walls are covered with frescoes.

Among the frescoes there are Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise family’s portraits, the ruler of Kiev Russ’. St. Sophia’s Cathedral was founded by mentioned Prince.

XVII-XIX centuries Cathedral frescoes exclusively devoted to biblical themes. Around 300 drawings on the walls of the cathedral show the high level of literacy of Kiev Russ of XI century.

National History Museum shows us the different milestones in the development of the country from ancient to contemporary events. Tangible evidence of Tripoli culture (VI-III millennium BC), military armor Polovtzy exhibits period of Kiev Russ’, the materials of the Soviet and post-Soviet era.

The museum presents the rare archaeological, ethnographic and numismatic collections. Here are stored the old printed books, paintings and sculptures. Here are available 15 different exposures. The most popular is Serge Lifar’s collection – outstanding Ukrainian balley dancer, who was known as the god of dance skills that equate to Nijinsky talent.

Catholic Church of the early twentieth century, built by Vladimir Gorodetsky is one of the most nice buildings in the capital. The temple is presented in the Gothic style with pointed spires, statues and decorative moldings. Facade completed two towers – the bell tower of 64 meters in height. The facades are decorated with stained glass masters Riga. For the unique acoustics of Czech masters was designed concert organ, which has 55 registers and is made of fine wood (black and red). In our time, the church held worship services and concerts.

The capital of Western Ukraine Lviv, where is strongly felt Lithuania, Austria and Poland architecture’s western influence. There are many churches, temples and chapels in the city’s center. Plenty of coffee shops talking about passion of local people to drink it.

Carpathian capital of the country is Yaremche. It attracts lovers of winter sports. Here you can go on many slopes, and then try national dishes and listen to the stories of local residents about the inhabitants of the dense Carpathian forests. Yaremche attracts with its waterfall, wherein expanse for extreme boating. The height of waterfall is 8 meters.

Dovbush rocks – is rocky group of up to 80 meters, 11 km from the city Bolekhiv. The name originates from the rocks avengers – opryshky and their leader Olexa Dovbusha. Rocks are part of the landscape park Polyanitska. Dovbushskie Mountains were formed 70 million years ago at the sea bottom, and now surrounded by fir trees. Due to weathering of rock cliffs in some places they look like fantastic creatures.

There are caves with benches, stairs, ditches, ramparts, battlements, wells, unfortunately, until today not fully studied. Dovbush are popular among local climbers – the rocks laid a lot of climbing routes of various degrees of complexity, regular competition climbing.

Chernigov is not only the birthplace of beer, and even a small, cozy town on the Desna river bank. There are many temples in the tonw. Also here is the famous place of religious pilgrimage – Anthony Cave.

Valley of the Ghosts – an unusual place in Ukraine. It is located on a mountain range Demerji and represents a large number of stone pillars, formed due to the weathering of limestone during thousands of years. Ukrainian sightseeing worthy of attention of both as tourists as well scientists are countless: Starokonstantinovsky defense tower ruins, Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress, Sevastopol – Hersonissos Tavricheskiy.

Rich Ukrainian cuisine will make you gain a few extra pounds! Kiev cutlets, various kuleshi, yushki, verguni you will remember local dishes for a long time!

Ukraine is waiting for you! Take a car for rent and travel through the country for your pleasure!