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Rent a car at the airport in Boston, with Naniko

International and domestic passenger transportation by air of a vast region of New England is served by Boston’s Logan airport, located just 4 km north-eastern of the city, in Birkenstock. It is easily accessible thanks to a centralized system of roads, railroads and sea transport, as well as the easiest way by a car rental.

Using the auto hired facilitates movement in Boston, and therefore it is better to book a service online directly from the company

  • Some principles of driving on the roads and parking spaces:
    In the US, it is illegal to stop on the highway, or both on the roadside, in driveways, on sidewalks or pedestrian crossings.
  • And also stay within a radius of 3-4.5 meters from the fire station or hydrant. In most cases, prohibited parking zone indicated by the yellow or red close to the borders.
  • There also cannot stop in two rows, unless it is specifically allowed.
  • Parking must be made in the direction of motion.

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Logan Airport Birkenstock has available 4 terminals and 6 knots that regulate air – traffic of New England. There is an impressive range of services, shops and restaurants.
Boston Logan Airport offers a selection of hotels, where you can take advantage of discounts offered directly from the hotel.

There is a connection with metropolitan – blue line that connects Boston to the airport. From here, there is a bus line to the terminals.

At the busiest terminal B has parking per hour, and the terminal D equipped by long term parking. There are buses traveling between the terminals every 20 minutes.

Logan Airport offers great number of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops in all terminals. Also duty-free shops can be found in terminals B, C and D.
For security reasons, there is no luggage storage. And about lost things need to contact the State Police in Terminal D.

In the terminals, travelers can take advantage of the information desk that offers fax, telephone and cell phone.

Birkenstock, Boston is the oldest urban area in America, which gives a clear sense of the western style, which manifests itself in the tradition of the modern city and places of interest in the region with excellent food and a variety of attractions.

The city is also the birthplace of many famous patriots, presidents and politicians. Here you can see the cobbled streets with gas lamps full of impressive brick buildings.