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Rent a car – best prices from Naniko – Airport Bratislava

Make your holiday an unforgettable experience; you can use a convenient car hire.

Vehicle that will meet all your travel needs, your own route and schedule of movement will create an atmosphere of unlimited freedom and fun.

Competitive price and rich content to the fleet of Naniko – your best choice of car to rent at the airport in Bratislava.

Rent a car at the airport Bratislava – Book Now!

  • Is it possible to get rented car to the place of residence, such as a hotel?

In almost all cases, a representative of the company will bring you the vehicle according to the desired for you address.

  • What services are included in the rent?

Unlimited mileage, local taxes, insurance, third party liability, limits of liability for damages, operational assistance on the road.

  • How many hours is a day of the lease?

One day rental is considered 24 hours

  • Can I return the car elsewhere, and not to the same place where took?

It is usually possible, and you can specify this when booking online. Depending on the distance may incur additional payment.

  • Is it possible the extension of the rental period?

To extend the term of the lease, you should contact your manager. If your car is already occupied for the following days, you will be offered a replacement, with the same parameters and cost.

  • Can I get a refund in case of return of cars ahead?

If the vehicle is returned before the end of the lease term, a refund for the unused days is not provided.

Bratislava Airport is located approximately 65 kilometers from Vienna can be reached by train or bus. These are a great alternative to land at the airport of Slovakia, and then reach Vienna by public transport, transfers or car hire.

By train

From the airport you can reach the train station of Bratislava by bus 61, which departs every 20 minutes.

And from there by train to Vienna.

One shot kill two birds with one stone! After landing at the airport in Bratislava, continue traveling by car rental from Naniko and travel through two countries!