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How profitably rent a car at the airport in Gyumri and super prices on car rental with Naniko

Gyumri is the second largest city of Armenia and throughout its long history, not once was changed its name. In the ancient period of history it was called Kumayri, then during the reign of Tsarist Russia was named Alexandropol in honor of the wife of the emperor, during the Soviet era was renamed as Leninakan and already today is called Gyumri. In the past, Gyumri has experienced challenging milestones and witnessed the tragic events that have befallen to the inhabitants of the city, first during the genocide of Armenians in 1915, and then during the devastating earthquake of 1988, when the element has claimed the lives of more than 25 000 people. At the census of the eighties of the last century about 222.000 inhabitants were registered, and the indicators of last year’s census  give the result of 120,000 people, which clearly defines the reduction of the population more than twice also due to the mass emigration in the last decade.
But in spite of anything, the city with all its being committed to the development and creation of a favorable soil for the growing tourism. This also contributed by the presence of International Airport of Shirak – Gyumri, opened in 1961. According to IATA international coding system, it is listed as LWN Airport. Arriving here, you can in convenient way visit Gyumri and entire Armenia through rent a car at Gyumri airport, in complete autonomy form your own routes. Presented here and throughout Armenia the company of Naniko will provide you with an ideal opportunity of reservation services through its user-friendly reservation system, where in the proposed list, you will be able to choose the most suitable option for you.

Arrange for yourself a handy car rental in Gyumri airport and get detailed information on Naniko!

Via our site the best offers are available, among which you can easily find a suitable option and just in a few simple steps make a booking so that at the arrival to the place your car will wait for you. To do this, you must specify that you need a car service to the airport and at the same time specify the exact data of your flight. Thus, in the case of flight delays, our representative will be informed and will provide with the car according to the new schedule of the flight arrival.

As a rule, always exist the age restrictions for rental and the tenant must be at least 21 years old, with a corresponding practice of driving approximately two years.

There are special requirements for the necessary personal documents of the tenant, that must comply with the required standards. Frequently requested an international driver’s license, and in each case, you can get detailed information from our experts.

Among a variety of additional services offered the option of additional driver, which is very convenient if you are traveling in the company of fellow travelers. Requirements to provide identity documents for the additional driver is the same as that for the main one.

Initially you get the rates for services that have already taken into account the cost of compulsory insurance and VAT, also granted the unlimited mileage and in case of unforeseen breakdowns on the road, you get free roadside assistance. Rental payment can be made at time of reservation by bank transfer or on-site at our offices with any electronic payment or in cash in the respective currency.

Simplify your way and provide yourself with comfort of car rent from the airport of Gyumri by the company Naniko!

For a full day of rent is considered to be 24 hours and rental period originally specified and recorded in the rental agreement, but if you have a need to extend services, then a few days in advance, please contact our reservation center where our experts will check the availability of your car for the next period and organize for you everything you need with keeping your daily fare.
Any additional information you can get by contacting us either through email or by phone.