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Rent a car at the airport from Omsk Naniko – Best car rental

The meaning of ideal is a relative concept. Good to focus on common standards, but there are situations that require an individual approach and, in this case, the concept of ideality takes personal. Such is the question of renting a car for the period of travel or business trip.

Find your perfect car hire in the inexhaustible range of offers from Nanikoat the airport of Omsk.

Simply use our search engine, enter all the desired parameters for your service and comfort for your stay in Omsk guaranteed.

A bit relevant information.

  • How old are cars for renting?

Typically, vehicles are not more than two or three years old. Management of company updates the fleet often to be able to offer an excellent service and a wide selection of quality cars.

  • Is it a necessity in deposit when renting?

All rental companies, without exception, require the payment of a deposit to ensure accountability in the event of unexpected or any additional services not recorded in advance. In the absence thereof, at the end of your lease term, the deposit amount will be refunded.

  • What are the requirements for a driver's license, and whether to have an international standard?

Basically license is required with a valid period of not less than one year. If your driving license issued on a language other than the Latin alphabet, you have to present an international version or a notarized translation. Note that the presence of the translation does not replace the original, have both in presence.

Ride through the vast expanses of Siberia by car rental from Naniko and get the perfect vacation, starting from the airport Omsk.


Airport of Omsk, one of the major Russian airports, is located in the center of the same named Omsk region, in south-western Siberia. Also called as a Central or international airport of Omsk – Central.

The airport has two runways, but the current one is equipped with a lighting system of visual landing PAPI; length of 2500 meters and a width of 45 m.

The airport was equipped to serve aircraft Tupolev, Yakovlev, IL-18, Boeing, as well as all types of helicopters.

The airport operates 24 hours a day for the charter and freight traffic, for linear and national and international flights.