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Rent a car Berlin, Germany: Car rental at Naniko

Most cheerful and lively city of Europe is Berlin, the capital of Germany. The city is located in the eastern part of the country. City name comes from the German word «Bär» – bear. Proceeding from this, the bear is a symbol of the city.

Every year in Berlin comes a huge number of people; some of them are tourists, some business people.

 Rent a car Berlin

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The town was first mentioned in historical monuments of the 13th century. At one time, the city was the residence of the Electors, a royal city of Prussia, then the capital of the German Empire and the capital of Nazi Germany. Today Berlin is the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The role of Berlin in the country is huge. This is a political, cultural, economic, educational, scientific and transport center of the whole country.

The city government a lot of attention attaches urban ecology, so you can find extensive parks, almost all the streets are decorated with trees and green plants.

The main attractions of the city, which are particularly interesting for tourists is the Berlin Cathedral, St. Mary’s Church, the Brandenburg Gate , the Reichstag, the Red Town Hall, Bellevue Palace, the Berlin Wall.

Interesting facts about Berlin:

Berlin has three objects that are included in the list of UNESCO;

Who could imagine that more bridges than Venice. There are about 1,700 bridges. A city characterized by the presence of navigable waterways.

The highest television tower is taller construction not only in the country, but throughout Europe.

The first traffic lights were put into operation in Berlin in 1924.

The Berlin Hauptbahnhof railway station is the largest station in Europe.

The Number of Berlin Museums is outnumbering rainy days of the year.

1881 in Berlin went into operation the first electric tram.

The largest zoo in the world is located in Berlin, where a population of about 1900 animals.