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Rent a car from Naniko in Dublin, Ireland – Best deals from Naniko

Most travelers' itinerary begins in one place and ends in another. In the case where you do not go back to the starting point, you can hire a car in one place and return it in accordance with the final destination.  It really enhances your travel and saves time. You do not need to spend a few hours or even a day to get the car back to the place where you start your journey.

Try the size of the new rental car in Dublin from Naniko!

If you have decided to buy a new car, while on vacation, you can easily combine business with pleasure. Namely, rent a specific model you are interested in, and much more thoroughly than a simple analysis, test the car to work. It gives you the opportunity to experience what it is this vehicle in the real.

On the other hand, renting an auto can also allow you to test the model that you would like to drive, but at the moment outside of your budget. Rent a luxury sedan or convertible for a couple of days, and feel the taste of the Excellency!

No worries about breakage during car hire in Dublin from Naniko!

Breakage of the leased cars is extremely rare, as each car of the fleet Naniko monthly passes technical inspection. But if you still happen to an unexpected malfunction, the company will send you a representative and replace the vehicle free of charge.

Dublin – a city of young’s

Arriving in Dublin, you will immediately find the expected atmosphere of Anglo-Saxon style, homes, buried in greenery and a lot of young people from all over Europe for holidays, study or work issues.

O 'Connell Street is a commercial district, located close to the city center and with an easy access to the center by walk.

Very traditional and elegant is the area of ​​Grafton Street, especially the St Stephen's Green.

Very special atmosphere can be found in Trinity College, Dublin's famous University, where you can also visit its museums.

For evening relaxation and hanging out, you can choose the most visited Temple Bar, or traditional Irish pubs to alternate with some tourist restaurants.

Guinness factory Define a place that must be visited. In this special place progress and history are combined together and presented beautifully and well organized.

Very large and beautiful is Phoenix Park, not far from the center, where you can also visit the city zoo.

Well, if there is a car rented from Naniko you have a great opportunity to visit also spectacular surroundings of Dublin.



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