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Rent a car in Barcelona, Spain: Car rental at Naniko in Barcelona

Barcelona is the Catalonia’s capital, the second largest city in Spain , Barcelona was founded by the Romans, many invasions despite Barcelona’s rich culture and heritage has survived , which contributes to the large flow of tourists into this beautiful city.
Especially noteworthy Antonio Gaudi ‘s architectural monuments. The majority of tourists to this amazing architectures captive becomes the Barcelona airport takes 34 million people , and comfortable way to travel is by rail because it connects with France, Spain and other European cities .
Barcelona is the most visited cities ranked fourth place after Paris , Rome and London , while Barcelona is ranked second in terms of economic stability .
The city has a Mediterranean climate , winters are mild and wet , and summers are dry. Spanish is the official language, people speak Catalonian as well , which is different from Spanish .

Barcelona Sightseeing
Nearly all of the buildings date back to the Middle Ages, in Barcelona , a Catalan modernism developed a great legacy in Barcelona . Antonio Gaudi’s masterpieces and come across travelers from all over the world.
I advise you to take a car hire service to comfortably move around the city and not to miss the sights. In Barcelona, there are a lot of companies, but Naniko car rental company has low prices and high quality service, new model cars, with modern accessories, they work day and night, when renting they give you a city map, in every car there is a one bottle of water and then begins an overview of Barcelona.
Sagrada Familia , Antonio Gaudi Orthodox Church, the construction will be finished in 2026 . Mountain Monjuik , which promises to be a great spectacle for tourists , it is especially beautiful at night. The serpent in the park, which was designed by Gaudi. Christopher Columbus statue, Catalonia beautiful playground ….. Show creates a feeling of abundance and diversity that this city cannot be expired.
Live music on the streets, wandering musicians, artists, flamenco, great temperament, delicious food, gives tourists ever want to come back .
Barcelona is a city where life is a rhythm going place no matter what age group the people are.