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Rent a car in Bratislava from Naniko

For offering more suitable rates for any incoming request, Naniko suggests the vehicle of any typology and configuration. Here you will find the cars with the efficient fuel consumption and the top classes and also off-roads for having adventurous trips.

Our motor-vehicle-pool in Bratislava is completed with different kind of cars for guaranteeing always the trips, according to your requests,with comfort and wide range of services.

  • In case of necessity there are additional facilities like: baby chairs, roof baskets, bike holders, GPS- Navigator, MP3- Player and much more.
  • Flexible system of receiving and returning of car. That means, you can receive rented vehicle in any place of Bratislava and return it in the same way, where more is appropriate for you. So this possibility will make you free to plan your business visits or any other activities without any limits.
  • Actually, you just need to execute a few clicks to proceed your car rental and having desirable auto for most competitive price.
  • Reservation centre of Naniko is available 24-hours.
  • Payment could be done in both ways – cash or credit card.

What the possibilities will give you the car hire in Bratislava and suburbs having the auto from Naniko.

Bratislava is a highly interesting city with the most attractive places and historical centre, cultural monuments and the beaches of extraordinary beauty. Don’t loose any possibility to travel over and become acquainted with everything.

  • Unique and famous Bratislava castle eminent the city, one of the most fascinating places to see. Furthermore, inside of castle there are National museum and national Gallery of Slovakia.
  • The Gate of Saint Michael with the Museum of the antic weapon inside. From the top of the tower you will be able to be delighted by panoramic views of the historical centre of the city.
  • The ascent city and its Municipal Museum, Museum of wine production, Mirbach Palace and Esterhazy Palace.
  • Sightseeings in the outskirts of Bratislava.

Thanks to low cost auto rental, you will get the opportunity to visit not only Bratislava, but also some places around.

  • The city of Piestany is the most famous thermal resort of Slovakia.
  • The castle of Devin is the antic castle of country.

Convenience, tranquility, mobility and independence; – there are a few from the list of advantages of rental, offered by Naniko in Bratislava.

Do not postpone any more! Call us immediately! Any further information will be provided in a seconds, because the staff of Naniko in Bratislava is always in your disposition.