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Rent a car in Massachusetts – Offers of low cost for you from Naniko

Massachusetts disposed on a territory of 21 456 km2. Crossed by river Connecticut, it is banded by New Hampshire and Vermont from the north, in the south has frontier with the State of Rhode Island and Connecticut and to the east washed by Atlantic Ocean.

For those who wish to travel in comfort in Massachusetts, it is suggested to hire an auto from Naniko, booked online.

Some information on traffic conditions in the US from Naniko:

  • Automobile traffic on the right hand side.
  • Check in advance all necessary documents for driving car.
  • For a short stay required standard driver’s license, but it is advised to get permission to international standards, containing the translation of the Latin alphabet.
  • This permit you have to receive in your country of origin.
  • Inferior age limit for driving in the US is 16 years, but for the rental of the vehicle is permitted only to persons under 25 years of age.
  • Use of seat belts is compulsory for all passengers, in most states.
  • Availability of special child seats according to age and weight required by law.
  • Prohibited to use of cellular phones whereas driving in many states, but not in all, so better to verify the regulation in a particular state.


Enjoy a safe ride on car hired from Naniko in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts has a predominantly industrial economy, and its capital city of Boston, is the major and most important port on the Atlantic shore.

State famous for its many colleges and universities, the most important of which are Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Furthermore, in Boston should be noted also the Springfield and Worcester.

Of course the first city to visit many will choose Boston. Despite the fact that the city is always in the shadow of the Big Apple, it is able to offer a lot of interesting things, from the green parks and trendy shops on the main streets, and to museums and art galleries, in addition to specific areas, such as Back Bay with red brick houses and quaint surroundings of the university.

Continuing your journey to other cities of Massachusetts, it is worth to stop in Worcester, where the major attraction is an Art Museum, which founded in late 1800 and the second largest in the state, containing the really important works of Impressionists as Van Gogh, Renoir, Matisse and Monet, but also contemporary artists.

However, throughout the state, absently countless attractions or places that one can appreciate to see, and especially attractive landscapes. In Edgartown, you can find a really romantic atmosphere, and Provincetown and Gloucester will delight visitors by numerous beaches, where in the first, mostly sandy type, and the second is presented by rocky embankment.