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Rent a car from Naniko – Oslo Airport – Car rental and best options!

In addition to affordable prices and range of additional services, Naniko offers a fun trip without worries: guaranteed and safe journey that best suits your needs, the maximum information from our online operators on any issue and the possibility of choice the place of receiving the vehicle.

Can I be sure that the selected in the fleet of Naniko car for hire will be available in the Oslo Airport?

If you have chosen a particular model of vehicle, and confirmed him reservation, our booking system automatically makes it unavailable for other reservations on the specific number of your lease. Thus, you get exactly the car, which was confirmed at the time of reservation. In case of any changes you will be informed in advance.

  • What is the cost for an additional driver?

Cost of additional driver varies depending on location and season. In some cases, there are no additional fees; the cost is a few dollars a day. When you request an option online, you will receive accurate information according to the criteria of your service before the start of the lease.

  • What are the fees for winter tires, ski racks and safeties?

Snow tires, ski holders and the chain is always a special option and are not included in the price. This will be indicated in your contract and paid for at the moment of pick up. In some cases, snow tires and / or chains required.

Make the right choice for yourself and your loved ones – rent a car from Naniko at Oslo airport.

Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Located in the bustling city and capital Norvegia. Every year, countless numbers of passengers traveling through Oslo – 22 million – and this is a very significant figure for one of the most prominent international airports. Gardermoen offers more than 100 international and 28 domestic routes. Extensive terminal comprises multiple outputs for departures and international and domestic arrivals.

  • Airport services

As one of the largest and busiest airports in Europe, here are offered a variety of high quality services to millions of transit passengers. Boutiques and duty-free shops are located between national, international arrivals, as well as fast food, restaurants and cafes.